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Introducing our mouthwatering Beef and Bacon 180g Pies, perfect for meat pie lovers. These delectable pies are made from the finest beef steak and diced bacon, combined with a rich brown gravy, all encased in our signature flaky pastry. The finishing touch? A generous sprinkle of cheese on top. With a pack of 12 180g pies, you can easily stock up for convenient meals on the go or quick family dinners. Whether you enjoy them as a meal on their own or paired with your favorite side dishes, these pies are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for savory, meaty flavors. Try our Beef and Bacon Pies today and experience the perfect blend of robust beef, savory bacon, and flaky pastry.

Beef and Bacon 180g Pies x 12 Pies

SKU: 364215376135199
180 Grams
GST Included
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