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Ponsonby Pies

Our Story

Ponsonby Pies have been making high quality pies since 1978 and was the first to raise the profile of gourmet pies in New Zealand. Where pies were the last resort if you were hungry, they have now become a sought after food. People never used the words gourmet and pie in the same sentence, it never matched, but now it does.

In 2005 Ponsonby pies was purchased by Gourmet Foods Ltd (formally Pats Pantry) in Tauranga and today continues the Ponsonby Pies tradition with a large range of great tasting products from the brand that everyone knows as a quality product - Ponsonby Pies.

We use quality New Zealand Prime beef in our pies with no meat fillers like soy proteins. We believe that when you buy a meat pie that’s what you should get – a “real meat” pie.

Also among the flavours are many Chicken variants – Butter Chicken, Chicken and Kumara, Chicken and Vegie to name a few. Did you know we use  whole, hand cracked eggs in our great tasting Bacon and Egg pies and real grated cheese in the Mince and Cheese and Steak and Cheese pies. We have recently launched a Vegan Mince and Cheese pie for all those that want a tasty Vegan treat.

New to the range are Vegetarian products for those that do not eat meat but still want to enjoy a pie. These are made with vegie nuggets in the pastry instead of using animal fats. They are the Farmhouse Vegie Pie and the Spinach and Feta Roll.

Our pies have won many awards at the NZ Bakels Pie Awards and this has a lot to do with our award winning pastry- golden, flaky and delicious to eat.

Go on, try one today

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